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Ondskapt has never sought a place in the farcical and intrigant hierarchy of a black metal "cult", produced and sustained by debile and pompous fools, spewing out a vapid din that, if inspired by unworldly powers at all, merely bears a squalid stamp of the disorderly beings that would ever find interest in fucking with their minds.

Throughout several years it has been a tryful period as one's facing has sunk into an abyssful pool of waitful transitions.
Thereof in where the truth has no meaning. There is no meaning in this world, no true value in understanding profoud teachings.

I marvel at the fact of where not only reason and common sence is set aside but also hated and cast there of. Mankind is soon as depleted as everything else in this devil's world and is raping itself into that of which is ununatural. New revelations are being written in where perversity versus humanity. My god is at work when demons are possessing you!!!

To believe those whom decieve becomes fact and choirs of taring and shreeking whooms wonder in the night. In this lies a monumental meaning lead to truth. In there lies damnation! Through time passed on, Catharsis is forever lost. In time hellfire devours an unlawful gathering of souls allas a mere  insignificance to a greater empire of one. Fathomless guages of a luridly lurking festered, being of unsane mannor's loomed at the light smurking at a reflection of beauty so infinate as a sunken dream.

All sickness within our molevolant gathering and within our souls is to plundge into being a redeemer such as of a plague to wipe out the impurities that have infested it's self upon humans. Ever so slowly, crawling on its warted edifice perhaps the time will come when this suffering could surpass, though dire  certainty tell us otherwise.

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